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Kairakuen is a "hotel where you can enjoy the sea" just as its name says in Japanese.

The beautiful scenery and bountiful sea of Iseshima.
Kairakuen has walked hand in hand with the magnificent nature of Ise / Toba. We don't have any particularly fabulous facilities but we would be happy if you enjoyed the sea to your heart's content at Kairakuen.
As the hotel is built jutting out into the sea, all the rooms are on top of the water.
It goes without saying that the scenery is beautiful but you can also fish from your room or have a beer in the private rotemburo on top of the sea while star gazing.

Zashiki Tsuri

Zashiki Tsuri − fishing from your room.

Open the window and right below is Obama Bay.
You can fish in your Yukata (light Japanese kimono worn as a bath robe) while listening to the soothing sound of the waves. Even young children can fish safely from the comfort of your room. Fish prints of the fish that you catch are displayed in the hotel!

  • cuisine
  • cuisine
  • cuisine
  • cuisine
  • cuisine
  • cuisine
  • cuisine
  • cuisine

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Enjoy the regional flavours of Iseshima / Toba.

The cuisine includes many delicious ingredients such as prawns, abalone,
rock oysters and Mie beef.
The hotel chef shows off his skills in creating the best flavours using the delicious tastes
of the four seasons.
Savour the dynamic and fresh flavours of Iseshima /
Try the firm, tasty sashimi Funamori (sashimi displayed in model ship) and the
piping hot Horaku-yaki that are made with seasonal ingredients.
Abalone Odoriyaki (cooked alive) that steams on top of the grill….
Please enjoy fully the cuisine of which we are proud.roud.
We offer seasonal ingredients at their most delicious cooked with
methods to bring out their wonderful flavIn summer,
it is a given that we offer rock oysters but we also put time and effort into starters,
soups and stews with ingredients such as Tengusa and Hijiki (types of seaweed).

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hot spring

hot spring

Outdoor hot spring

Sea watring in the freer hot spsh sea air − gentle on the skin

Sea water hot spring rotemburo - a gentle mix of sea water and
hot spring water combining the healing powers of the sea and of onsen.
・Relax even more than you would at a normal onsen because the sea water allows you to float well.
・Looking out over the seascape, you feel as though you are bathing in the sea.
・The calm seascape and the sound of the waves brim with emotion
Extremely popular.
There are two baths: Rock Bath and Abalone Bath. Relax and look out over the sea.
Enjoy the emotions of Iseshima to your heart's content.

Private hire possible!
Private hire possible!

Spend a relaxing moment in the onsen looking out over the sea or up at the stars.

※Reservations required − first come, first served.
※Charge: Free of charge (30 minutes)   ※Time: from 9pm onwards
※The private bath may be unavailable on particular days or if the hotel is busy.

Private hire possible!
Have a beer while star gazing.

Feel the sea breeze, look up at the stars and experience the exceptional taste of a beer coursing through your body which is flushed from the bath!
A little luxury with a beer in the sea water onsen that takes you out of the ordinary. (subject to a charge)

Private hire possible!
Drink sake while star gazing

Drink sake while star gazing − for those who want to enjoy the onsen enveloped in comfort.
We offer a carefully selected choice of local Iseshima sakes.

Hot spring properties and effects

Hot spring properties alkaline simple onsen
Effects muscular pain, stiff shoulders, neuralgia, joint pain, chronic digestive disorders, motor paralysis, sensitivity to cold
Colour colourless and transparent
Odour odourless
Source temperature 29 degrees

Large public bath

  • Gentlemen's bath
  • Ladies bath

Kairakuen's large public bath is not spring water but it has been renovated so that guests can enjoy the invigorating scent of the wooden bathtub and relax after a tiring day of sightseeing or sports.
There is no sea water in this bath so you come out feeling clean and refreshed.

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Guest Room & Public

Image of 1st floor room

Guest Room

Guest Room & Public

Fish from the window in your room while watching the Isaribi
(fire for luring fish at night).

You can do fishing from windows of your room.
Such how to enjoy you can do only "Kairakuen"the first floor guest room.

image of 2nd floor

Beauty spot - the landscape of the three islands right in front of the hotel is soothing.
The changing seasonal expressions of Obama Bay calm the spirit.


2nd floor lounge
2nd floor lounge

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Ijika Daiichi Hotel Kagura
Kaijyo-ryoutei Kairakuen
Ohamakaigan,Toba-city,Mie,Japan 517-0015
TEL +81-599-25-3202
FAX +81-599-25-2470

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